5 Sex Role Playing Games

The best part of these 5 sex role playing games is experiencing the chance to act out fantasies you'd imagine with your partner, and bring out the burning passion in the relationship. Whether you are a kinky couple of not, these role playing games meant to explore the adventurous or freakier side together.

  1. Meet at a bar. We all heard of it, but few dare to sex role playing games as strangers at a bar. Plan a date and time to go the bar separately and pretend you do know each other. Reintroduce yourselves, talking about your life—job, likes, dislikes—the usual things people talk about during their first meeting together. Entice each other then leave together to have a passionate night. Meeting as strangers at the bar is one of the hottest role playing games as you both pretend not knowing each other and other people at the bar assume you are picking up a stranger,
  2. Dominatrix. To some people, love is pain, and if you are the type of person who thrives on being a helpless servant and getting physically whacked on the buttocks, gets your partner to try out a dominatrix role playing game. The few requirements she needs to be a sexy domineering woman is to become aggressive and controlling while dressing in a dominatrix costume, and a whip in her hand. She can use handcuffs and a blindfold to increase the intensity in the bedroom. Beg for sex and be at her disposal with this hot sex role-playing game.
  3. Student and Teacher. This role playing game is one of the most popular used by couples but it never gets old when one partner plays the hot student or teacher. If you want to live out the hot fantasy of submitting to a sexy older teacher and you as a young student, this sex role-playing game for you. The hot teacher should wear a tight blouse with her cleavage exposed, a snugly pencil skirt that accentuated her figure, and complete the outfit with black stilettos. On the other side she can play as a young student, with the pigtails, plaid skirt, knee high socks, and a blouse, which shows her abdomen as you play the sexy hot older teacher. Everyone gets the chance to play different sex roles in the game as this sex role playing game never gets old.
  4. Fictional characters.  Some guys have the hots for fictional characters in video games and cartoons, so bring your fantasy to reality and get your girl to dress up as a sexy character. If you fantasized about iconic characters like Cat Woman, Betty Boop, or Lara Croft, make sure your girl is up for the idea and if she is, pretend you are the bad person as she is the only one who has to "defeat" you.
  5. The sad husband or wife. This sex role playing game allows you two to become lovers while in a bad "marriage" with your spouses. Try to console each other emotionally and psychically and keep the affair secretive. Another way to play these role playing game is one person to be single while the other is in a relationship.
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