5 Sex Swing Positions

If you are adventurous in the sack and you’re looking for something new to try consider the following 5 sex swing positions. If you don’t already have a sex swing you’ll need to get one in order to try out these positions. After all, statistics do show that over 76% of women are unhappy with their partner’s performance.

  1. Oral Sex for Him. This position involves one individual lying face up on a bed and the other hanging upside down from the swing. The person on the swing will be the one giving oral sex to the man lying on the bed. This could be used with 2 women but would probably be easier for the giver if the receiver was a man being that the penis will be in an easy-to-see and easy-to-handle position.
  2. Oral Sex for Her. The woman lies face up in the swing and just lays back and relaxes while she receives oral sex. This is also a great position for the giver because they won’t have to worry as much about straining his neck in the process.
  3. Standing Missionary Position. This is probably one of the most popular sex swing positions and is almost identical to the standard lying missionary position but with the man standing on the ground instead of kneeling. One person sits on the swing facing their partner with their legs straddled so their partner can penetrate deeply.
  4. Standing Rear Entry Position. This is the perfect rear-entry position and is comfortable for both people involved. This position involves one person sitting in the swing facing away from their partner while their partner stands behind them to penetrate from the back.
  5. Reverse Cowgirl. With the reverse cowgirl position the female holds onto the swing while sitting on her partner, facing away with her legs in between his. The swing allows for deeper penetration, smoother thrusting and enables the woman to stay on top for a longer period of time without getting tired or sore.

The sex swing provides several different unique sexual positions and can help to reduce the strain and stiffness felt during sexual acts without the use of a swing. Use your imagination and create your own sex swing positions.

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