5 Sex Tips For Teens

Here are 5 sex tips for teens. When you are a teen and just beginning your sex life, tips can be very helpful. If you are a teen, read on to discover 5 sex tips that can really help you out.

  1. Take some time to really think about whether or not you are ready for sex. Teens are often faced with the question of whether or not they are ready for sex when in a relationship. Know that sex can either strengthen a relationship or make it quite awkward which can cause you to break up. Discuss with your partner the possible outcomes of having sex and whether or not you feel comfortable with one another. The two of you together must decide if the both of you are ready or not.
  2. Use protection. It is important to use a condom every time you have sexual intercourse. Doing so can help prevent certain sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy.
  3. Educate yourself on sexually transmitted diseases. It is very important to learn about the different types of STD's and the many ways you can contract them. Doing so can help you prevent getting one.
  4. Use lube. Lubrication can help keep things going smoothly. There are many types of lubes you can get. The type you should get will depend on what you are going to be using it for, and how you react to them. Do a little research to figure out which lubrication would work best for you.
  5. Foreplay. Most teens skip the foreplay and dive right into sex and for guys this is no problem. But most girls need some stimulation and time to really get into the mood. If you are able to get your female partner into the mood, she will have a much better experience. So guys, never forget about or skip the foreplay.
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