5 Sex Tricks To Please A Woman

If you're looking to please the ladies, these 5 sex tips to please a woman are sure to drive her wild. If putty in your hand is what you’re after, then these are definitely the tricks you want to try on a woman and see if you succeed.

  1. Oral sex is just the start of sex. Find the clit and make it your best friend; this is the ultimate place to her treasure of orgasms. While most men have trouble finding the g-spot, hardly any have trouble finding the clitoris. Brush up on your oral skills and hit the Y because you’re on your way to making her weak in the knees.
  2. Foreplay is very important to women. Don’t just mount her and thrust it in. Women like foreplay, and if you skip it, she won’t want to even waste the time to take her clothes off next time, if there is a next time. Kiss her body, explore the different regions, use aids such as warming lubricants, toys or ice cubes.
  3. Stop the standard thrusting. If you’re an in and out man you need to watch some porn to learn how to move your hips. Doing the standard thrusting starts to become old for women. Switch it up, move those hips and learn to gyrate.
  4. Don’t just stop at one. Remember, women are multi-orgasmic creatures and while you may give her one orgasm during sex you can give her even more through play and touch. Some women have a hard time even achieving an orgasm from just sex alone so it’s up to you to find the ways to make her juices flow over and over again.
  5. Stimulating more than one area. While you’re in the middle of sex, use your hands to stimulate her nipples or use your mouth. There are many things your hands or mouth could be doing while you’re thrusting inside of her. Stimulate more of her body and she will soon stimulating more areas of your body in return. 
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