5 Sexiest Single Actresses Over 30

What guy isn't looking for the 5 sexiest single actresses over 30?  These sexy singles are still on the market and in some self-created Fantasyland, you still have a shot.  With a little persistence and a ton of luck, you may have a chance with these sexy single actresses over 30.

  1. Halle Berry is back on the market, fellas!  As one of the sexiest single actresses over 30, she is still sitting comfortably in most guys' top ten lists at the age of 43.  Sure she has a kid now, but she still has the flare she had in her twenties.  Halle is a sexy single that seems to only get better with time.  Now that she's no longer with that model guy, maybe Ordinary Joe can slide in and become Mr. Berry.
  2. Cameron Diaz has what it takes to be considered one of the sexiest single actresses.  Although Cameron dated that Justin guy and has been recently linked to A-Rod, she still says she's single.  With a killer body and beautiful smile, Cameron made being goofy sexy.  Cameron's quirky sense of humor only adds to her sexiness.  
  3. Just one look at Padma Lakshmi and it is easy to see why she is on the list.  Padma has curves in all the right places and knows how to show them off.  Even though Padma recently had a child, she says she's single and that's good enough for us.  
  4. Zoe Saldana has everything a sexy single actress needs.  She is has an exotic flare that is combined with a tomboyish quality that makes it seem like a guy like you has a real chance.  On the red carpet, Zoe is strikingly beautiful.  When she's not being Hollywood glamorous, Zoe has been spotted walking around in a t-shirt and jeans.  
  5. One look at Jennifer Aniston and you have to wonder what Brad Pitt was thinking.  Sure Angelina is cute, but Jennifer looks like she is hiding a naughty side that could make Angelina look like cold fish.  As one of the sexiest single actresses over 30, Jennifer's rank has increasingly grown each year.

There are plenty of other sexy women who could have been included on the list.  However, these women are seemingly getting better with age.  

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