5 Sexiest Single Actresses Over 40

The 5 sexiest single actresses over 40 are an amazing group of women. They have found continued success on television and the big screen. These phenomenal women may be single, but only because they have set their standards high and will not settle for less than what they deserve.  Like fine wine, these beauties only get better with age. Being over 40 has never been so sexy! 

  1. Sandra Bullock. – This beautiful brunette, known for movies like "Miss Congeniality", "Hope Floats", and "The Blind Side", has captured the hearts of people all around the world. This 45 year old beauty exudes innocence and sex appeal at the same time. She went from married to single after a highly publicized split from her husband, Jesse James, after his numerous infidelities.
  2. Jennifer Aniston. – This sexy, single, 41 year old actress is best known for her character, Rachel, in the television series, "Friends" and her broken marriage to Brad Pitt. She has also starred in several movies, including, "The Break Up", "Marley and Me", and "Bruce Almighty". Like Sandra, she combines sexiness and innocence in a lethal combination. With a hot body and gorgeous face, Jennifer is definitely one of the sexiest single actresses over 40.
  3. Pamela Anderson. –  This 42 year old blonde bombshell is best remembered for her lifeguard role in the television series, "Baywatch" and a now infamous sex tape! Divorced from rock stars, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson has been on a long search for Mr. Right. Her body is t as smokin' hot in her 40's as it was when she was named Playmate of the month in 1990. There is nothing innocent about her; she is the absolute epitome of sexy
  4. Teri Hatcher. –  At 45, Teri Hatcher is just as sexy as she was when she was playing the role of Lois Lane in the 1990's television series. This "Desperate Housewives" star has no reason to be desperate, not with that dark hair, those soulful eyes, and sexy body. Like Jennifer and Sandra, she has a girl next door quality that is very appealing.
  5. Susan Sarandon. –  A list of sexy single actresses over 40 would not be complete without mentioning Susan Sarandon. At 63, this red-headed sexpot has been rocking the big screen since the 70's, including hits like "Bull Durham" and "Thelma and Louise". Separated from long time partner, Tim Robbins, she demonstrates the meaning of aging gracefully. She is always classy and always sexy.

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