5 Sexual Drinking Games For 2 Players

Sex and Alcohol have gone hand in hand since the creation of alcohol, and it is not unheard of to play sexual drinking games to make the drinking experience more erotic, that is why we have compiled a list of 5 sexual drinking games for two players to help spice up your drinking routine. 

  1. Flip, Sip, or Strip. This game mixes alcohol and nudity, making this game a steamy game for any party that has two or more drinkers. The first player flips a coin, and calls heads or tails while it is in the air. If they guess right, then they are safe, and they pass the coin to the next person. If they call the wrong coin face, they have a choice to sip, (their drink) or strip (their clothes.) 
  2. Body Shots. Body shots is one of the stickiest, sexiest drinking games around. Body shots can be played with two dice, a piece of paper, a pencil, and your liquor of choice. Number and write 6 body parts on a piece of paper, and a matter of taking a shot. Example: lick, suck, gulp. Player one rolls the dice, and looks at the piece of paper to find out how they will be taking their shot. One die will represent where the shot will be taken from, the second die will represent how the shot will be taken. Example: if the dice were rolled in this matter, the shot will be sucked from the belly button. 
  3. Have you ever, Sex edition. Have you ever is a very creative game that can be played in any way the players wish. Players ask yes or no questions to one another, and if either of the players would answer "yes" to any of the questions, the player drinks instead of stating yes. You can ask any questions such as, in sex edition, "Have you ever had a threesome," or for some couples, a better question might be "Would you ever try a threesome with me?" Use your imagination. 
  4. Ice Tray. This is an order giving/taking game that requires an ice tray, a quarter, shots, and a steamy mind set. Bounce the quarter on the table, and try to make the quarter into one of the tray holes. The left side of the tray will be "give" and the right side will be "take." If you make the quarter into the "give" side,  you give the other player a shot to take, and an order. Orders in the beginning of the game should be subtle like "Kiss my neck." If you land a quarter in the "take" side, you take a shot, and an order from the other player. Orders can be traded in for another shot, and can get as steamy as you allow them to. 
  5. Hot tub swap. This game can get pretty wild. You need a group of people who all have bathing suits, blindfolds for everyone, and a hot tub. Place the blindfolds on everyone, and say "Swap." Everyone then takes off their bathing suits, and tosses them in the middle of the hot tub. While remaining blindfolded, everyone must reach in the middle and grab a new bathing suit, and put it on. This game is most entertaining with an even number of both sexes. Players cannot keep more than one bathing suit, and men cannot hold tops. When everyone is done, everyone takes off their blindfold. Go ahead and laugh, and whoever ends up with their own bathing suit gets to take a drink. Use caution when drinking in hot tubs, drinking a glass of wine will buzz you like an entire bottle.    
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