5 Sexual Health Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

The following are 5 sexual health questions you must ask your doctor, no matter how embarrassing they are. When a man is experiencing unusual sexual health problems, he needs to discuss it with his doctor. There is no time to be macho when it comes to sexual health. Whether it’s a general sex question or a serious health concern, talking about it with a doctor is the only way to get a straight, factual answer. Most doctors have seen and heard it all, so there is no reason to be shy.

  1. Does herpes go away? Herpes is not just spread through sexual intercourse. Simply kissing someone can spread certain kinds of herpes. Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes and it won’t necessarily go away. With the help of medication it can be controlled, but a herpes outbreak can happen at any time. Doctors used to think that herpes could only be spread when there was a visible outbreak, but now they aren’t so sure. It is possible to pass the herpes virus to a partner even if a person is not experiencing an outbreak. This is a sexual health question you must ask your doctor about if you think you may have herpes.
  2. Is there a form of birth control for men? No. Women have been using birth control for years to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Men should be able to have birth control too. At least, doctors and scientists feel this way, and they are trying to make a form of birth control for men. It may take years before it is ready and approved, but one day men will have a way to prevent pregnancy other than using a condom.
  3. Is Viagra safe? This is a good question you must ask your doctor. Viagra has gotten some seriously bad publicity over the years. The truth is there are side effects to nearly every drug out there. If a doctor feels that a man is a good candidate and is healthy enough to be having sex, then Viagra should be safe. If there are current heart conditions or other health problem, a doctor may be hesitant to prescribe Viagra. There are many natural male enhancement drugs that are being sold over the counter and on television. These are not Viagra and should not be confused with Viagra. If you are thinking about purchasing these pills, you must ask your doctor before taking any additional medications.
  4. What causes infertility? It can be a huge shot to a man’s ego when he isn’t able to get his spouse pregnant. Infertility is a subject you should ask your doctor about if you and your spouse have been actively been trying to conceive for over six months. A doctor will be able to take a sample of your sperm and analyze it. There may be a lack of sperm or immobile sperm. Genetics can also play a role in infertility, and a doctor may want to do genetic testing. There are still unexplained reasons why a man won’t be able to conceive.
  5. Why can’t I keep an erection? If a man can’t keep an erection, this is a sexual health question he should ask his doctor about. More often than not, there is no reason to be alarmed if you can’t keep an erection. Most of the time it’s because you may be feeling nervous, tired, stressed or over-excited. As men get older they are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.
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