5 Sexual Massage Therapy Tips

Want to know 5 of the best sexual massage tips? Intimacy between you and your partner or client, the right setting, and these 5 erotic sexual massage therapy tips will definitely enhance the mood. Read on for 5 great tips.


  1. Set the mood for your partner or client when performing sexual massage therapy. Dim the lights, set candles throughout the room, play soft relaxing music, and close the shades. Close the door, and make sure there will be no interruptions. Begin with these tips, and you will be sure to set the mood.
  2. Stimulate their sense of smell by choosing a fragrant and relaxing scent. These oils can be placed in the massage oil, oil burner, in steaming water or in the scented candles. While giving sexual massage therapy, some scents like lavender and jasmine might make them fall asleep. Other scents like orange or peppermint might energize them.
  3. What does your partner or client like? Choose the right accessories to give them the ultimate sexual massage therapy experience. Special massage oils can be bought over the counter at your local grocery store or at an erotica store. You can also give massages with ice, hot stones, hot candle wax, feathers, or even food. A great tip would be to heat up the oil for a few seconds in the microwave or in your hands before beginning the sexual massage therapy massage.
  4. Make sure your partner or client is comfortable and relaxed, and begin the sexual massage therapy. A tip would be is to make sure they are lying down on a folding table, bed or reclined massage chair. You can stand next to them, straddle, or sit. With lubricated warm hands, apply pressure starting from the shoulders and neck, and work your way down. Do this in circular and kneading motions, with your fist and fingers. You can start off gently and apply more pressure after their muscles loosens up.
  5. Move throughout other parts of their body. Arms, buttocks, legs, stomach. As you continue the sexual massage therapy, this will lead to lovemaking if you wish. Continue to massage your partner while you make love, follow these 5 sexual massage therapy tips and this will be ultimate bliss.
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