5 Sexy Drinking Games

Drinking games have been around for ever, and are usually played in groups, however, these five sexy drinking games put a new twist on some old classics. You can also turn any game into a sexy drinking game. All it takes is the right combination of people, some alcohol, and some imagination.

  1. Suck and blow. This is one of the classic drinking games that has been played for years. Two or more players need to pass a playing card back and forth by having one player hold it to their mouth and suck in to hold it. They pass it to the next player by blowing out while they suck in. If they drop the card they need to take a drink.
  2. Flip, sip or strip. In this game three or more players take turns flipping a coin and calling out heads or tails. If they are correct they pass the coin to the next player. If they are wrong they need to choose between a sip or a strip. A sip can mean a shot, and a strip is removing an article of clothing. To keep things interesting in this sexy drinking game, you can not choose sip or strip more than twice in a row.
  3. I never. It's a  very simple game, but I Never is one of those sexy drinking games that can lead to many things. The person who starts this game says something sexual that they have never done. Anyone in the group who has done it needs to take a drink. If it is just you and your partner you can change the rules and if your partner has done something you have not, they have to show you how it is done.
  4. Sexy quarters. This is a sexy spin on one of the classic drinking games. Take a muffin tin and place pieces of paper with various acts you would like to perform, have performed in each section. When your quarter lands in one of the sections, you have do what ever the paper says to someone else in the group. Of course if you miss you have to take a drink.
  5. Strip and dare beer pong. This is a newer version of beer pong that includes a playing mat with dares printed on it for underneath each of the cups. The cups are half filled with the alcohol of choice and placed in formation on the mat. It is important in these drinking games to have the right people on your team because the first team tries to throw the ping pong ball into one of the cups on their opponents team. If they make it in, their opponent not only needs to drink what in the cup, they also have do what ever the dare is on the mat.
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