5 Sexy Thai Actresses

You don’t need to go to Thailand to know 5 beautiful Thai actresses. Just like most countries, Thailand is packed with beautiful actresses and models. The five women on this list are not only beautiful; they are also one of the best actresses in Thailand. Here is a preview of their careers to help you get started:

  1. Mamee Nakprasitte: She’s famous for her roles for the "Art of the Devil" movies, and she also played parts on some foreign films that include the “Butterfly Man.” Her first major film was the 2001 horror film “Mae bia” (Snake Lady), where she played a woman who is under the guidance of a supernatural cobra.
  2. Bongkoj Kongmalai: Her first film role was in “Bang Rajan”, which is an adaptation of a historical Thai epic story. Her first major role was in “Ai-Fak”, and she was also seen in “Hit Man Female”, which was screened in the US as “The Protector.”
  3. Matika Arthakornsiripho: An actress and a model, she is considered by fans to be one of the most beautiful women in Thailand. She starred in films such as “Uttai Tawee”, “Nang Sib Song”, and “Scared.” In 2006, Matika took some time off in the movie industry to focus in modeling.
  4. Mai Charoeunpura: She is well known as a member of a famous show business family in Thailand. She is the daughter of the famous Thai director and actor Ruj Ronnapop. Her films include “Suriyothai”, “Memory Love Hunt”, and the 2010 Thai film “Tai Hong.
  5. Woranut Wongsawan: She is a famous actress in Thai films and TV soap operas. She is well known for playing a part in the horror soap opera “Pob Pee Fa.” In 2005 she starred on her first feature-film “Cherm,” where she portrayed a masseuse working in Bangkok.
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