5 Sexy TV Hosts

You do not have to watch television for long to find 5 sexy TV hosts. The music channels, sports channels and even the news channels realize that a perky pair of breasts and a pretty face can do wonders for the ratings. Networks constantly change the line ups of sexy TV hosts but for now the following are the best you will find.

  1. Daisy Fuentes. The Cuban born, busty babe has hosted a variety of shows including Miss U.S.A. but who needs a line up of hot women when Daisy more than satisfies the desires of men. The Havana born honey has enough cleavage for 5 sexy TV hosts and her star shows no signs of fading.
  2. Brooke Burke. Just when you thought our list couldn't get any better, Brooke Burke came along and pushed the temperature up several notches. The big breasted brunette dazzles on "Dancing with Stars" and although her outfits are not always as revealing as many men would like, she still ranks among the top 5 sexy TV hosts. 
  3. Roxanne West. The Canadian blonde has a degree in literature which helped her become a sexy TV host on the news. . . well to be precise,The Naked News. Anyone hot enough to read from an auto-cue when completely nude has to be ranked among the top 5 sexy TV hosts.
  4. Betty Nguyen. The beautiful former CNN news anchor and current CBS star, always seems to sit in such a way that you can see a little leg. It is a shame you don't get to see more of the Dallas born sexy TV host but with a face as pretty as hers men are more than satisfied with what they get.
  5. Jules Asner. Arizona born Asner has been lighting up television screens for over a decade. She looks like a hot mixture of Kelly Monaco and Yasmine Bleeth. Great looks, awesome bust and a great body mean that she is one of the top 5 sexy TV stars.
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