5 Shaquille O’Neal Rap Hits

These 5 Shaquille O'Neal rap hits is an easy list to make as he only had a handful of songs. Shaq never got the acclaim he deserved as a rapper. Listening to him today makes us realize how truly talented Shaq was when rapping.

  1. "(I Know I Got) Skillz." Many rappers will talk about selling drugs and women. Shaquille O'Neal raps about normal stuff that he does, such as playing basketball. You have to give Shaq credit in that he does not try to be "cool" by posing as a gangster. Shaq is real and it shows in his lyrics.
  2. "I'm Outstanding." As with many of his rap songs, Shaquille O'Neal was dissed for his music. True rap fans would never be caught listening to Shaq. Nowadays when you listen to this song as well as other songs of his, you realize that Shaq actually has some true musical skills. If Shaq had better beats, he may have been a rap superstar.
  3. "Strait Playin" (Superman Remix). This song is actually pretty catchy but not the first time you listen to it. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to five or more times before you start liking it. In the video Shaquille O'Neal dresses and acts in a manner that is very similar to L.L Cool J.
  4. "You Can't Stop The Reign." If this song had been released in 2010, it would of been a mainstream hit. When Shaq first released this album it was never taken seriously because his lyrics did not involve gangsta rap themes. This is one the five Shaquille O'Neal rap hits that actually deserves much more credit then it was ever given.
  5. "It Was All a Dream." The smooth flowing lyrics and laid back rapping style Shaquille O'Neal has with this song shows how well rounded he is as a rapper. This song is a great song and if you did not know it was Shaq rapping you would probably like it to.
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