5 Sharp UX-175 Fax Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Here are 5 Sharp UX-175 fax machine troubleshooting tips that can help you.  Try these tips with your machine if you are having problems.  If they persist contact the manufacturer or the store where you purchased your Sharp UX-175 fax machine for assistance.

  1. Gently pull paper in the right direction for paper jams.  Paper jams are a common problem with all fax machines.  The key is to pull on the paper in the right direction; failing to do so by pulling it in the opposite direction in which it travels could pose serious problems.
  2. Print a test page to determine the problem if it is in quality or printing errors.  If your Sharp UX-175 machine is giving these types of problems, print a test page to reveal where the problem is located. 
  3. Lines or splotches on the test page means it's on the receiving end.  If the toner falls out of the cartridge, you will want to replace it.  Leaking toner or ink is a common source for lines or splotches.  If there are drips or puddles on the printing area, this also means you will want to replace the cartridge.
  4. Clean the Sharp UX-175 with a slightly damp cloth.  All surfaces and moving parts should be cleaned, which can serve as the problems on the unit.  Glass cleaner can also be used on appropriate parts.  These steps will rule out more serious mechanical problems.
  5. Check the phone line for communication errors.  Make sure it is plugged in well if you are having these types of problems.  If you don't have a dial tone the problem is likely not with the Sharp UX-175, which means that you should contact your phone company.

Reference: Sharp UX-175 User Manual

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