5 Shaun White Snowboarding Tricks

Five Shaun White snowboarding tricks are as difficult as they are unique. He is becoming one of American’s sweethearts with two-gold medals for snowboarding, and a new video game “Shaun White: Snowboarding.”  He is well known for his combination of tricks on the snow and on the street. The following are the top five snowboarding tricks that not only has he mastered, but shows-off on a daily basis.

  1. Body Varial Frontside 540 (The Armadillo): He remains to be the only snowboarder to pull this trick off. It involves a combination rotation of 540 degrees which is one and a half rotations in the air. Front-side is which part of his body that was facing as he approached the jump. As soon as his front wheels reached the lip of the ramp, olling into a jump with the rotation equals The Armadillo.
  2.  Double McTwist 1260: To perform this trick he did a front flip while at the same time spinning a backside 540 (which is one and a half rotations, with his back to the jump leading into a mute grab, performed in a half-pipe, quarter-pipe, or similar obstacle. The rotation may continue beyond 540° (e.g., McTwist 720).  It’s a total of two flips and three and a half spins, making it one of the hottest tricks yet. He debuted it at the 2010 Winter Olympics with only one other snowboarder ever landing this trick.
  3.  Frontside Double Cork 1080: A cork refers to the him as spinning off the vertical-axis into the air, making a double two off-axis rotations.  1080 is a spin trick where Shaun makes 3 full rotations in the air. Front-side being the side of his body or which foot he’s leaning on that is facing the jump as it approaches.
  4. Double Backside Rodeos:  A Rodeo flip is basically a backward flip. This combination is a backward flipping backside spin.  Commonly performed with a 540 degree spin but has been known to be paired with 720 degree and 900 degree spin. This is one of Shaun’s favorite tricks as he performs it regularly.
  5. Cab double cork 1080: As we saw before the double cork refers to two off-axis rotations, with the 1080 being three full rotations. He performed the Cab Double Cork 1080 right after the Double McTwist 1260 is the 2010 Winter Olympics causing the crowd to go wild.

After breaking down all the snowboarding lingo and tricks word for word, you should have a better understanding as to how much difficulty goes into each trick. However, Shaun White makes it look like a cake walk. Keep an eye for him, he’s about to explode all over the circuit, all ready mastering snowboarding and skateboarding.

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