5 Shawn Marion Jump Shot Tips

Here are 5 Shawn Marion jump shot tips to help you hurl the basketball at the basket just like him. You all need to be honest. Shawn Marion has one of the most "unique" jump shots the game has ever seen. "Unique" is a nice way of saying that Shawn Marion has one of the ugliest jump shots the game has ever seen. He looks as if he's flicking the ball from the middle of his chest. No, no, on a second look, he is shooting the ball from his chin. It may look rather unorthodox, but Shawn Marion's jump shot is an effective offensive weapon at his disposal. If you want to shoot more like him, check out these Shawn Marion jump shot tips.

  1. Ball Rotation. Though his shooting form may be slightly different, Shawn Marion manages to mechanically do everything right with his shot. He's figured out how to put a great amount of spin on the ball, despite the fact that he doesn't fully extend his shooting hand while hurling the ball at the rim. In order to put great ball rotation on your shot in Shawn Marion's short armed shooting style, you'll have to practice releasing the ball before your shooting arm is fully extended. This means using more wrist power and less forearm strength when shooting.
  2. Quick Release. The reason Shawn Marion shorts arms his shots is because it allows for a faster release on the shot. Less extension, less time. practice releasing the ball as fast as possible. Remember, you have to release the ball far before your arms are extended in order to mirror Shawn Marion's jump shot.
  3. Form. He has great form on his shot even though he doesn't fully extend his jumper. Keep your shooting arm directly under the ball with your hand cocked back and the ball on your fingertips. Your guide hand should be placed securely on the side of the ball, ensuring that you shoot the ball straight. Practice the form until you get it down.
  4. Bunny hop. Shawn Marion doesn't jump as high as possible on his jump shots either. He just gives them a little bunny hop. Remember, he likes to get his shots off quickly. The bunny hop is a way to do that. It's nothing more than a quick elevation off of the grown that helps to create the momentum necessary for the ball to reach the goal upon release. Practice hopping quickly on your shots.
  5. Follow through. Shawn Marion keeps himself very steady during his shots. A strong base greatly increases a shooters accuracy. In order to do this, you need to keep your legs shoulder length apart. When you hop forward on your shot, and go through the rest of the motions of your jumper, make sure you land squarely. It's all about the rhythm.
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