5 Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

If you’re into basketball you surely want to jump higher and there are definite ways to improve your vertical movement in that area, here are 5 shoes that make you jump higher. Does it seem a little shady to use shoes to help you jump higher? Maybe, but listen, everyone uses something. The best thing you can do is train in the gym to work your calf muscles and hamstrings; this will improve your jump naturally, but in the meantime, strap these kicks on and get to the court!

What you’ll need:

  • Strong calves and hamstrings
  • The right shoes
  • A basketball and someone to play with
  1. Jump Shoes. These may seem too good to be true but they are proven to be shoes that make you jump higher.  These shoes are designed to keep your weight off your heels and onto your toes so that you are forced to employ your calves and quads in all of your movement, thereby strengthening the muscles that help you jump higher. These are not shoes that you would wear while actually playing ball, but you’ll be a much springier ball player once you take them off!
  2. Nike Hyperdunks. Because these are largely considered to be the lightest basketball shoes ever made they are also considered to be one of the shoes that make you jump higher. Due to the lightweight nature of the shoe, there is very little holding you down on the court.
  3. Adidas KB8’s. If you want to play like Kobe Bryant, you might have a lot of wishing to do, but what you can do is grab a pair of these shoes that make you jump higher like Kobe does. In fact these were designed for and named after Kobe when he was still a young player in the league.
  4. Air Jordan XI. Kicks named after another famous basketball player, but this time, not a young one! These shoes came out when Michael Jordan came out of retirement and returned to the Bulls, to help him out he strapped on these shoes that make you jump higher and you can too!
  5. Nike Air Force I. As the number one selling and top rated basketball shoe in the world, Nike Air Force I’s are definitely on the list of shoes that make you jump higher. These sneakers were the first to use the air technology and they come in a vast array of colors and styles for the most personal player.

Jumping higher doesn’t come easily, but with the help of these five supporters you can find a pair of shoes that make you jump higher if for only while you have them on! Best of luck on the court!

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