5 Shortest Bikini Models

It's not easy finding the five shortest bikini models.  In a fashion world full of tall, svelte women, there are bikini models who are under five-foot-eight.  While short models fall under the "petite" category, these famous women make the list of five shortest bikini models.

  1. Serena Kozakura from Tokyo, Japan. Serena is a 38 year-old, five foot, five inch bikini model not only known for her petite, short size, but her penchant for getting into legal troubles. She's famous for her large breast size and, in fact, credits them for her success. Though facts about her are elusive, she's a major star in Japan as a pin-up bikini model.
  2. Gianina Santos from Columbia. Gianina is a short bikini model who's appearance is very Latin and has incredibly dark skin. Gianina posses a voluptuous body that puts her in the ranks of five shortest bikini models. She models for All-Stars at Bikini.com.
  3. Josie Maran from Menlo Park, California. Josie's height has been disputed to be between five-foot-seven and five-foot-six.  Josie was too short for runway modeling, so she went on to work for "Guess" and was featured as one of the shortest bikini models for "Sports Illustrated" three consecutive years, from 2000 to 2003. Josie also does editorial and advertising/image modeling.
  4. Holly Madison from Astoria, Oregon. Holly is five-foot-five and began work as a model when she worked at "Hooters," which soon followed with invitations from Hugh Hefner to join him at the Playboy mansion. She competed to become a "Hawaiian Tropic" model, but ended up being a Playboy model and often poses in bikinis.  At five-foot-five, Holly is one of the shortest bikini models known.
  5. Devon Aoki from New York City, New York.  Devon is one of the shortest supermodels at five-foot-five.  While the 28 year-old models for the likes of Chanel, Lancome, and Versace, Devon is one of the shortest bikini models known.  



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