5 Shot Drinking Games For 2 Players

Any game can be transformed into a drinking game with the right state of mind. Regular games that you like to play like board games, video games, card or dice games can be made into drinking games with a little bit of creativity. Here is a list of the the top 5 games that we have incorporated our own shot taking rules to. Please drink responsively. 

  1. Irish Roulette. In Irish roulette, rounds go fast, and it is likely people will be drinking a lot. Surround a Roulette table with shot glasses filled with numerous types of liquor, but put non alcoholic beverages in some to mix people up. Players wont know what they're drinking until the shot is taken.  Is it cranberry juice? is it Vodka? Is it water? Is it Rum? no one will know until they spin the roulette, and find out. The number of players is up to you, there is no minimum, and no maximum, just take turns. 
  2. Liars Dice. Liars Dice is also a shot taking game that can go quickly, and dangerously if played for extended amounts of time. Minimum amount of players is two, and there is no maximum, but you need 5 dice and a cup for all players. Liars dice is a bluffing game in which a caller looks at the dice he rolled under the cup, keeps it secret from the rest of the table. The caller is not only calling for himself, he is also guessing how many dice there are on the table of a certain face. The caller may have three 2's rolled, but he may call five 2's because he believes that another person, or persons at the table have two more. If the caller is caught in a lie, he must take a shot, and lose one die. Players take turns being the caller, and the last person holding dice in their cup wins. But of course, in drinking games, the loser is always the winner in the end. 
  3. Shot Pong. This game is played like beer pong. It is your choice to how you want to play this game, but we play it like so: Each player has 10 plastic cups lined up like bowling pins; 4 in the back, 3 in front of that, 2 in front of that, and 1 in the front. Fill every other cup with a chaser of choice for the shots you are taking, and place shot glasses, or pour shots, in the remaining cups. Pong is  a 2 to 4 player game, and it starts with 1 or 2 people standing on opposite ends of the table, behind their rows of cups. The teams or individuals take turns throwing ping pong balls into one another's cups. If the player makes the shot into the glass, the team behind that glass has to drink the cup that the ping pong ball landed in. This goes on until all of the cups are gone. The player or team with cups remaining, is the winner. If there are leftover drinks when the game is over, the losing team has to drink those as well. 
  4. Have you ever? "Have you ever" is a fun game to play with a large group of people; Everyone gets to drink, and everyone at the party gets to know each other on a whole new level. It is recommended that you have a bartender for this one, since drinks will go fast. Everyone sits around a table with shots in the middle of the table. Players take turns asking yes or no questions and if anyone would answer "yes" to the question asked, they don't say anything, they just take a shot. For example: "Have you ever flown on an airplane?" Everyone who has flown on an airplane will take a shot. 
  5. Poker. It's that simple. Playing poker is a parties favorite drinking game. Place some drinking rules on the game, and it becomes an even bigger hit. If anyone folds, they take a shot, looses a hand, take a shot, and if you win a hand, you choose who at the table takes an extra shot. 
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