5 Shower Masturbation Tips

Using these 5 shower masturbation tips can increase the pleasure or decrease the time spent doing it. Often, males find themselves with very little private time. Whether it is roommates or children, finding time to masturbate may be an issue. The shower is the one spot where a man can spend time alone without interruption.

  1. Get prepared. During shower masturbation, some men prefer to use lubricant besides the running water. Typically lubricants will wash away in the flow of the shower. You will need to choose a lubricant that will last through the entire process. Cooking oil or petroleum based products, such as jellies and lotions, are more durable. You will need to place these items inside the shower stall or within reach. If using cooking oil, place it in a small bottle or dish as to not be too obvious.
  2. Set the water. For shower masturbation, keep in mind that the penis is more temperature sensitive than other body parts. What feels good to the wrist or back may burn the sensitive area. Turn on the water prior to getting in the shower. Get the water warm to the touch, but not hot. Once the water is the right temperature, get into the stream.
  3. Let the water help. The flow of the water feels good to many men during shower masturbation. Hold the head of the penis in the water stream. Move around in the water to find the spots that feel the best.
  4. Massage the penis. Like in any other spot, shower masturbation is about what feels the best to the male. Rub the penis to the point of orgasm.
  5. Clean up. One of the best parts of shower masturbation is the quick and easy clean up. All the evidence is washed away.
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