5 Side Of The Bed Sex Positions

When you want to spice up your sex life, you can use 5 side of the bed sex positions. You don't always have to take your action out of the bedroom when you're in the mood for some interesting positions. You'll be amazed at exactly what you can do with your bed, and it will soon become your best friend in sexual encounters. Plus, you'll impress all of the ladies that you bring into your bedroom, since most guys don't bother to go beyond the tried and true guy on top position that most women are bored of nearly instantly.

  1. Bend your lady friend over the edge of the bed for a no pressure, easy going doggy style. Instead of supporting herself on all fours as you thrust from behind, she can use just her legs for support with the help of the bed. That makes it a lot less stressful on her body, and she can use her arms to leverage up and back for some hard and furious thrusting.
  2. The edge of the bed is perfect for deepthroating. Obviously, you are not going to be the one deepthroating but for ladies who still have a gag reflex, this is perfect. Lay her down with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. The angle makes it much easier for her to take any extra inches that she needs to, and she will gag significantly less in this position.
  3. Reverse cowgirl. This position can be somewhat difficult in the middle of the bed, but when you're sitting right on the side of the bed, it's as easy as any other position. It might be helpful to move to the corner of the bed for a bit for better positioning, with your girlfriend turned away and sitting right on your penis.
  4. Straddle. This straddling position is the forward facing version of the cowgirl, made for couples who don't have quite the stamina to keep up with the reverse cowgirl.
  5. Revised missionary. This is a missionary position adapted for the edge of the bed. You crouch down by the end of the bed, pulling your female friend to the edge so that her butt is right on the side of the bed. It's the perfect height for penetration.
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