5 Signs Of Biological Aging

Would you like to know the 5 signs of biological aging? Biological age and chronological age are two different things. Chronological age is your actual age based on the number of years since your birth. Biological age refers to how fast or slow the body is aging.  This means that although a person’s chronological age is 40, they may have no visible wrinkles and look as though they are closer to 30 years old. This person is aging slowly and they are in good health.  Signs of biological aging are the things that start to go wrong with our bodies as we get older. The process may start with needing to wear glasses as our eyesight changes as we age. Some additional signs of biological aging are as follows:

  1. Hearing loss. Loss of hearing, called Prebycusis, begins gradually and may take years to become noticeable. By the time a person reaches the age of 65 the hearing loss may require the use of a hearing aid. It is estimated that one-third of Americans age 65 to 75 experience some degree of hearing loss.
  2. Arthritis. Arthritis and Osteoarthritis affect many older people but can also affect younger people as well. Arthritis is defined as pain and swelling of the joints. Osteoarthritis is a disorder of the joints in which the pain in the joints become severe and worsens over time. It affects the muscles around the joints and can cause the joints to become deformed.
  3. Muscle loss.  The body loses muscle tone over time this is why it is important to eat enough protein and maintain a regular exercise program including weight lifting. Muscle breakdown is attributed to falls and injuries in older people.
  4. Sleep problems.  As we get older, we tend to sleep less and wake during the night. It is common for older people to experience sleep disturbance and occasional bouts of insomnia.
  5. Changes in hair and skin.  Wrinkles appear as the skin begins to lose elasticity and collagen breaks down. Collagen is the substance that makes the skin firm and allows it to stretch without breaking.
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