5 Signs Of Sex Obsessions And Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

If you know someone experiencing these 5 signs of sex obsessions and post traumatic stress syndrome, help them seek professional help. Post traumatic stress syndrome is a serious disorder that ruins lives–it’s described as any traumatic event that endangers your life or makes you feel weak and helpless. War, rape, crime and death can all influence post traumatic stress syndrome. Most people find ways to deal with the stress, while others turn to crime or unethical behavior. Here are signs of sex obsessions caused by post traumatic stress.

  1. Random Sexual Encounters This sign of a sex obsession because of post traumatic stress is one of the most common in younger people. Victims of post traumatic stress tend to have random sexual encounters with different people. They don’t practice safe sex because it doesn’t matter what happens to them. Children who have been sexually abused may behave in this syndrome.
  2. Sex Addiction Sexual addiction can lead to all types of unethical behavior. Experts believe that people with sex addictions have a past of abuse or trauma. This leads to sexual behavior deemed unnatural by others. For example, some people may obsess over internet pornography.
  3. Pedophilia Others turn to pedophilia, a sexual interest in children. They visit child pornography sites, schools or any place where children may be present. This sexual obsession can lead to the rape or the death of a child.
  4. Demanding Sex From Spouse This sign of sex obsession is directed toward a spouse. The person experiencing post traumatic stress syndrome may unreasonably demand sex from their spouse. This can lead to rape if the spouse doesn’t comply with the demands.
  5. Inappropriate Behavior Inappropriate behavior in this case refers to a person who continually touches or spies on another. This person may become obsessed with a female colleague, employee or neighbor. The person may also make unwanted advances on a daily basis. If reported, the person can lose their livelihood or become incarcerated.  
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