5 Signs To Tell If The Woman You Like Is Married

Learn about: five signs to tell if the woman you like is married. So, you think you may have finally met the woman you have always fantasized being with: beautiful, intelligent and everything you could ever hope for and more, except for just one problem, which is a whopper. You think the woman you like might be married. You don’t want to risk causing things to end before they really begin, by asking her point blank is she married, but this nagging feeling you have won't go away. Your instinct is telling you she’s hiding something, and the only thing you can do to put your fears to rest is to find out for sure.

  1. Your dates with this woman is always far out and secluded. Does the woman you like always want to pick the time and place of your date and it’s always somewhere far out and private, as if to avoid being seen? And, of course, she always insists on meeting you there, perhaps to run a few errands afterwards, so she says. This might be this woman’s attempt to conceal she is married.

  2. She won't tell you where she lives. Has she come up with something bogus like being in the process of moving? Or perhaps she said that she is embarrassed about where she lives? She may have suggested even something as outlandish as having a bad experience with a guy she was dating who started stalking her, which actually could be true. Maybe she’ll be more comfortable letting you know where she lives when she gets to know you better.

  3. This woman you are so fond of always excuses herself to take phone calls. You can be in the middle of dinner or somewhere like a park where she would have the freedom to speak, but she would rather walk a good distance away from you, far enough from listening range so you can’t hear. And, it’s always a business call. By the way, has she told you not to call her at certain times of the day or night, but won't give you an explanation why? Even when you call her doing those times, you can never get her on the phone, but on the rare occasion you, do she always seem to be in a rush. That could be a red flag the woman you like is married.

  4. When you talk about past relationships she always seems to tense up. The subject of past relationships is something she never seems to want to discuss. Do you dare ask her how she feels about marriage? If she responds by saying she doesn’t want to get married, that is a definite sign this woman could be married. There are really only two kinds of women that don’t want to get married and those are the ones that have been married and had a horrible marriage and the ones that are already married and not trying to commit bigamy. Women are always curious about whom the guy they are dating has dated in the past and if she doesn’t want to talk about it, something is up.

  5. She won't introduce you to any family members or friends. Have you casually introduced her to some of your family and friends, but you haven’t met any of hers? It is possible, however, that she doesn’t have any good friends and maybe she is not close to her family, or her family can live elsewhere. Now, if the two of you dating is fairly new, then maybe she just thinks it’s too soon for a family gathering.

To put your mind at ease about the woman you are dating. Go to her and tell her you really like her and you are not judging her in anyway, but you would like to know if there is anything she is not telling you. Why does she have so many rules? She picks the place, always somewhere far, you don’t know where she lives and you can’t visit her. Ask her, "Are you ashamed of me and you don’t want your family and friends to see us together?" Women are very caring, and it will bother her that she is hurting you. So, anything that she may be hiding, if she is hiding anything, will definitely come out.

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