5 Signs Of Verbally Abusive Relationships

These 5 signs of verbally abusive relationships are by no means the sum total of all signs of verbally abusive relationships, nor are all relationships that show these signs necessarily abusive. Rather, these are signs of abuse that you can look for in your own relationship that may enlighten you to the fact that your partner is verbally abusive. If so, consider seeking help or ending the relationship if the abuse continues.

  1. Yelling Your partner constantly yells at you, to the point that you are embarrassed to see your friends or family members while you are with her. If your partner cannot communicate with you in a calm and rational manner, then your partner is possibly verbally abusive. While some people have trouble communicating, when the only communication that your partner offers is yelling and demeaning your every move, then you are being verbally abused.
  2. Constantly criticizing Some people just cannot find anything nice to say, and the result can be verbal abuse. If you cannot do anything right no matter what you try to do and if your attempts to talk to your partner fail, then your loved one may just be verbally abusive. A tell tale sign of constant criticism is when even your friends and family comment to you that the criticism is irrational and harsh, though some families may hold back these thoughts (so do not take this sign as a rule).
  3. Blaming If your partner blames you for her own problems, then your partner is very likely verbally abusive. Rational and non-abusive people can see when they are in the wrong and when they cause their own problems. You do not need to be dragged down by your partner's own irrational thoughts.
  4. Pretending that your thoughts do not matter A good relationship involves give and take and communication. If your partner ignores your opinions and will not even consider compromise, then she is verbally abusive in that a lack of speaking can be very painful. Your thoughts do matter, and unless your partner is the smartest person in the world (which is very unlikely), some ideas are bound to be just plain bad from time to time.
  5. Calling you names While happy couples can have occasional teasing, at a certain point name calling and teasing can get abusive. Some people simply make fun of others out of habit, but such habits are verbally abusive when you ask your partner to stop and she just laughs at you and keeps on doing it without even trying to change. Constantly being put down cannot be a happy way of life.
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