5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Giving You The Cold Shoulder

Need to know the five signs your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder? If your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder, that is a definite sign that your relationship may not go any further. Usually, girlfriends who give cold shoulders to their boyfriends have their reasons of why they would resort to that. Giving the cold shoulder basically means someone totally ignoring another person to the fullest. Treating the person like he never existed and ignoring him are examples of giving the cold shoulder. If you experience this type of behavior from your girlfriend, it won't be anything to write home about. Five signs your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder are:

  1. She may not want you touching her. This behavior is the beginning of being ignored, which is the cold shoulder. If she tells you she doesn't want you holding her, or kissing her, or even making love to her, then these are signs of the cold shoulder.
  2. She may ignore your kind gestures. If your girlfriend doesn't acknowledge you being kind to her, calling her throughout the day or week, or saying thank you when you do something for her or give something to her, then her actions aren't healthy for your relationship.
  3. She hangs out more with other friends instead of you. When you and your girlfriend plan to go out, but she invites other people, and then only hangs around those people during your "outing", take that as a cold shoulder sign.
  4. Your girlfriend no longer has conversations with you. Another sign that your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder is lack of communication. If your conversations become less and less by the day, she is giving you the cold shoulder.
  5. She tells you she loves you, but doesn't like you. This is an obvious sign that your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder.

Some women will come right out and tell you that they no longer want to be with you, while others only show signs of giving the cold shoulder. Some women go through a temporary phase of giving the cold shoulder, and they desire to rekindle the relationship, while others work their way to ending the relationship altogether. It is important to leave all doors of communication open, so if she is wanting to ignore you, then you are able to nip it in the bud before it becomes something you can't control, or something that will embarrass you in front of people you know.


If your girlfriend is showing any of these signs, she may be interested, too, in someone else.

Make sure you prepare for the worse.

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