5 Simple Drinking Games For 2 Players

If there are only two of you, try one of these 5 simple drinking games for two players. Most drinking games require a lot of people, but not these games. These five drinking games are simple and will only require two people. Not only that, but they can be a lot of fun. So, grab your opponent, play a game, and have some fun drinking.

  1. Pinky McDrinky. This game includes the use of three dice, two of which are white and one is pink. To start this simple drinking game for two players, one person must roll the pink die. Then, both players need to roll one of the white dice. If the sum of the two white dice rolled equals seven, then both players must drink. If the number on your white die matches the number that is on the pink die, then the other player must drink. In the case of both players rolling the same number, whoever grabs the pink die first gets to roll and make the opponent drink the new amount rolled.
  2. Buzz. This drinking game for two players will get harder and harder as the night goes on. Besides alcohol, this game doesn't require any other supplies. To play, you alternate between players counting back and forth. Instead of saying seven, or any multiple of seven, you must say: "Buzz." Once someone makes a mistake, they must drink. To make the game more complex, you can change the multiple when someone messes up.
  3. Drinking War. You may remember playing War as a kid, but this simple drinking game for two players is a bit different. It's played just like War, but each time a player has the lowest number, they must take a drink. The game continues until one player eventually collects every card in the deck. It's a game that will guarantee a lot of drinking.
  4. Higher or Lower. To start this simple drinking game for two players, deal five cards face-up. Then, deal five more below the others, but make them face-down. One player must guess whether or not the card below the face-up one is higher or lower. If the player is wrong, they must drink the amount shown on the flipped card. If both cards are the same, the player that didn't guess must drink the number shown on the flipped card. Continue playing by alternating turns, as well as replacing used cards with new ones from the deck.
  5. Match. To play this simple drinking game for two players, get two decks of cards and remove the kings. Also, you will need a pair of dice. In the game, aces will equal one, jacks will equal eleven, and queens will equal twelve. Each player will have one of the decks of cards face-down in front of them. One player must roll the dice, and then both players start flipping over cards from their deck until they reach a number that matches what's on their dice. Then, they yell "Match." Once that is done, the other player must drink. The game continues on in this same fashion.
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