5 Simple Drinking Games

Looking for 5 simple drinking games that will be sure to have you and your friends laughing the whole night? These fun drinking games can be played with one person or in a group at a party or other gathering. Many of these games can be made more interesting by adding your own custom rules, so feel free to get creative!

  1. "Family Guy" Shots. You will enjoy this simple drinking game if you are a fan of the TV show "Family Guy." The game is based on taking shots when certain things happen in the show. Take one shot when Quagmire says "giggity giggity," when Joe appears in his wheelchair, when Brian smokes a cigarette, when Stewie makes a sarcastic remark or when Peter laughs. Take two shots when Stewie and Brian argue, when the Evil Monkey makes an appearance, when someone falls down, when Chris says something stupid or when Meg feels hurt by something someone said about her.
  2. Beer Blink. Beer Blink is a fun and simple drinking game. You and a partner sit across from each other at a table and have a starting contest. Stare intently at each other for as long as you can without blinking. The first person to blink has to take a drink from his beer. Continue this drinking game until every beer can is finished.
  3. I Never. I Never is a very popular drinking game. It is simple as well, and can be played with as many people as you like. Someone starts the game by saying something they have never done, such as, "I never TP'd my neighbor's house." If someone in the group has done it, then he should take a drink or a shot. Another fun example is, "I never streaked across my college campus." If someone in the group has, then he will take a drink. Everyone should get a turn until their beer, drink or shot is finished.
  4. Quarters. Quarters is a cool drinking game that can be played with as many people as you like. Take a shot glass and try to bounce a quarter into it. The first person to get the quarter in will decide on who will drink the shot with the quarter in it. The players in this drinking game should continue bouncing their quarters until they make them in.
  5. Head Bands. Head Bands is an awesome and simple drinking game that can be played with a team or a couple. Everyone takes a card and puts it on his forehead. You are supposed to guess which card you have on your forehead. If you guess your card right, then everyone has to finish their beer. If your guess is wrong, then you have to finish you beer. Keep going until everyone gets a turn and this drinking game is complete!
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