5 Singapore Shopping Malls

5 shopping malls in Singapore that could be considered a must shop would be really difficult to narrow down. Through the magic of options here is a list that will highlight the best features of these five markets. Where else can one shop for everything they will need in Singapore from clothing to shoes to possibly even house wares. So in no particular order here is a short list of great shopping malls. 

  1. Orchard Road- Marina Shopping Belt that starts at Serangoon Road, Singapore‎ a five mile stretch of shopping that boasts all the major designer labels. Gucci. Prada. You name it and its there. Every year people flock to this area for the Christmas light up sale which is also known as the great sale. Not only can you buy all your favorite labels but you can also get that tattoo that you have been dying to get. 
  2. Mustafa Centre is huge and stays open 24 hours a day and sells ethnic jewelry, food, any electronic that is out right now can be found here.  The best thing about this place is the endless supply of goods. So if you are up late and just have to have that new electronic then Mustafe Centre is your place. Mustafa Centre: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704 6295 5855 
  3. Sungei Road, also known as Thieves Market, used to be known as one of the places that was known for "stolen goods", but now its actually a really good place to get a good deal. You can go from place to place and if your the kind of person that's into bartering then this is the place for you. Deals are struck here daily. 
  4. Sim Lim Square is a high tech junkies dream. With multiple floors all things high tech and new. Where else can you get the newest thing out that most stores won't have access to. Sim Lim Square is heavy into computers and computer related gadgetry. Now if your customer service kind of person you might want to keep on going in search of someone that is just that. Sim Lim Square: 1 Rochor Canal Road Singapore 188504 6338 3895.
  5. Last but definitely not least is the AMK Hub a whopping 200 stores that span across four levels.  This store has everything to offer the entire family.  This is one of the newer places to shop out of the five that are on the list. Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (S)569933 Singapore 6753 9000.

So if your into amazing shopping or even buying ethnic jewelry electronics or just having an amazing time.  These great shopping centers could easily be considered as the best malls that Singapore has to offer.  



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