5 Singles Valentines Day Ideas That Won’t Leave You Lonely

Being single on Valentine's Day can really suck, and not in a good way. On the bright side, it means you are free to do whatever you want on that day and there are a lot of other single people who will happily join in on your fun. You just need to know what activities to do so that you can make the most of your singledom on this day celebrating coupledom or love or whatever. Check out five suggestions of things single people can do on Valentine's Day that won't leave you lonely, listed out below.

Do Whatever You Want. Skip out of work early, go to the movies, get drunk in the middle of the day, eat a lot of great food, hang out with friends, go to an amusement park. In short, indulge in yourself, since you are the only one you really have to please on this day. However, this may turn suddenly into depression at the end of the night, especially if you have been drinking. make sure you find another single friend to hang out with during this time.

Find an Anti-Valentine's Day Party. Many bars will often have what are being dubbed anti-Valentine's Day parties with drink specials and food specials, to allow all the single folks a place to congregate while everyone else in the world is out celebrating their love for each other. This usually means a lot of single, semi-drunk horny people will all be gathered in one spot together, meaning the night could turn out a little wild.

Throw a Singles Dinner Party. Plan a Valentine's Day dinner party for all your closest single friends, or even your friends who have dates and say you will cook them dinner. That way, all the people you care the most about will be together with you on this day. While it won't be romantic, you won't be alone and will be surrounded by a very important type of love.

Go to a Concert. A congregation of people with no inhibitions is best found at a live music concert, where you'll get to be around people but you won't necessarily have to talk to any of them. Music will also help to free your soul to a certain extent, if it's being weighed down by the fact that you haven't found another person in your life.

Treat It As Just Another Day. Valentine's Day is really just a manufactured consumer holiday, as you should tell people that you love you love them every day. So if you're single, recognize this and don't worry about it. Go about your business, ignore Valentine's Day altogether and get up refreshed on February 15th, ready to get back at it.



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