5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas For Men

Following are five small kitchen design ideas for men. All of these designs are attainable, though some may require a small amount of actual renovation to make the kitchen space more comfortable. These design ideas should be appealing to men who want to make their kitchen spaces match their lifestyles. Below are the five small kitchen ideas for men.

  1. Kitchen with Built in Appliances. In a small kitchen, a refrigerator that fits into a wall space, and a fully equipped counter with sink, dishwasher, drawers, and lights can make the most of the space. If any of these objects gets in the way of your limited kitchen space, see about renovating the kitchen to maximize room.
  2. Small Island Kitchen. A wider overall space with counters, sink, and drawers in the middle in an island is an excellent small kitchen idea for men. This will widen the walls, and put some of the appliances that are on the outside of the room's space in the middle. The island around the sink in the middle may also hold the dishwasher and drawers, and people may eat around it as if it was the table.
  3. Creative Color Scheme. Having a creative, modern color scheme can really spice up a kitchen in a nicer house. Using bright colors that compliment each other on both the kitchen items (counters, appliances, tables) and the walls can really make for an attractive small kitchen.
  4. Counter with Bar Stools. Converting a counter, especially around a kitchen island, into a small bar is an excellent small kitchen idea for men. Keep a nice selection of liquor in a cabinet above the counter, and consider installing a tap if you want an actual bar.
  5. Spacious Small Kitchen. To make your small kitchen more spacious, consider moving the refrigerator just outside of the actual cooking space, and widening the walls. Also set any tables or chairs in an adjacent room to open up the kitchen. Pantries and shelves may also be moved (with renovation) to nearby rooms, to make the kitchen a wide and basic space for cooking.

All of these five small kitchen design ideas for men have certain advantages. Men who want their kitchens to conform to their lifestyle, or who have certain ideas about how to make the most of their room spaces should easily be able to find a well-fitting kitchen design idea from those above.

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