5 Smart Dating Tips

Men listen-up; now is a great time to start benefiting from these 5 smart dating tips. Women enjoy men who know the value of a flawless package, and can deliver it. 

  1. Pull your pants up. Your date does not want to see that you are a follower of some rap group. A woman wants to be taken out to dinner, not be part of some rap video that you have going on in your mind.
  2. Do not talk to your date about your last girlfriend. It does not matter if you ended things on good terms, or not. Once you open up, you are sunk. She will put you on her friends list. That is a death sentence. She will tell all the women, in her network, how you are still living in the past. It makes you look weak, and that is the last thing you need. The next thing you know, you are on every woman's friends list.
  3. Do not act like you forgot your wallet on the date. Women do not want to deal with a man that wants to play games with the check, or the tip. Your date is not looking to be someone's mother. Pay the bill and you might get some desert.
  4. Listen to her. Be active in the conversation. Do not be distracted by her cleavage. She is watching you. You need to be careful here and compliment your date on her eye color. Do not ask her if she has colored contacts on. That is the same as asking if she has a bra on.
  5. Turn your cell phone off. The last thing you need is your best friend calling. He might have found a couple of ladies for the both of you to date, but you will score zero points with your current date. Stay focused on what is before you. She will enjoy a flawless performance and it could land you a second date.
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