5 Songs About A Cheating Wife

A lot of music is about the male "player", but here are 5 songs about a cheating wife. This kind of woman is almost forbidden in the eyes of a goo and loyal man. No man wants a cheater for a wife. If she cheats then she certainly wasn’t worth it in the first place. A good man can always find a better woman who will love him forever.

  1. "Lucille” by Kenny Rogers. This song depicts a woman who decides to leave her husband and four children to go with some man from a bar. She takes her rings off and says she’s tired of dreaming and wants something else. This song surely is a song about a cheating wife.
  2. “Ruby” by Kenny Rogers. This happens to be a sad song about a crippled man who loves his wife but she takes to going out and runs around town cheating on him. He would like to pull his gun down off the shelf and put her in her place but cannot. This song surely is about a cheating wife.
  3. “Your Cheating Heart” by Hank Williams. This song is about a cheating wife who undoubtedly lets her husband know she is cheating by her moods and moves. He picks up on the attitude and sings about it in the song.
  4. “Lying Eyes" by the Eagles. Now, here is a song about that cheating wife who is having an affair. Eyes usually tell the story and the eagles sing this song well. They sing about how it feels to have a cheating wife around.
  5. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye. This song sings about a man who was stumped by the woman he loved. He heard it from his friends that she was cheating on him.
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