5 Songs About Goodbyes 2010

These five songs about goodbyes from 2010 come from country artists, a metal band, and a British jazz funk band. There are many reasons to write a song about goodbyes, and these best ones from 2010 deal with saying goodbye to memories, relationships, and guilt. Saying goodbye to memories of past relationships can be tough, but these five songs from 2010 can help ease you through the process.

  1. "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift. This 2010 song about goodbyes is off Swift's album "Speak Now." The song is about admitting to yourself that you miss all the good memories. Sometimes it is easy to bury all of the good times you had with a former relationship just to make the break-up easier. This 2010 song is more about realizing there was good times, and thinking about them before moving on. This is one of the five best songs about goodbye from 2010 because people can relate to losing someone they love, and that moment they realize all of the good times will never come back.
  2. "Goodbye To My Dancer" by Jamiroquai. Released in 2010 off the album "Rock Dust Light Star," this song is about saying goodbye to a relationship. This song about goodbyes from 2010 relates to when you realize the person you are with is not the person you imagine it is. It is always painful and sometimes frustrating to suddenly realize a person you care about is not really who you think they are. People change, and sometimes not for the better, and this song touches on that. This is the perfect 2010 song about goodbyes if you realize a friend, or significant other has changed into someone you do not like, and have to say goodbye to the relationship.
  3. "Think About You All Of The Time" by Toby Keith. One of the five best songs about goodbyes in 2010 is off Keith's album "Bullets In The Gun." The song is about when you think you don't miss someone anymore, yet you think about them all the time. Even though someone is out of sight, it does not make them out of mind. Memories are a tricky thing because no matter how hard you want them gone, they will always be there. A great 2010 song about goodbyes because it is hard to rid your memories of someone you once cared about, even after you parted ways. It is especially hard to say goodbye to memories when you have mutual friends telling you how that person is doing, which this 2010 song also depicts.
  4. "Bittersweet Memories" by Bullet For My Valentine. This 2010 song about goodbyes is the third single from the Welsh heavy metal bands third studio album, "Fever." The song is about saying goodbye and moving on with life after a bad romance. After a bad breakup you have to say goodbye to both the good and bad memories, which is what this 2010 song is about. Saying goodbye to the painful memories also means you get to move on and be happy living the single life. Goodbyes can be painful, but getting a new lease on life can be wonderful.
  5. "No Regrets" by Gary Allan. This song about goodbye from 2010 is about Gary Allen opening up to moving forward since the tragic suicide of his wife Angela in 2004. The opening lyrics for this 2010 song about goodbyes is, "She’s been gone about three years. It’s been a long road and a million tears, I’m movin' slow but I’m movin' on." Sometimes saying goodbye to someone who dies too early is tough, but this is the perfect song to express those feelings. This song about goodbyes from 2010 deals with letting go of your guilt and realizing you have no control over those that commit suicide.  
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