5 Songs About Growing Weed

With all the songs written about smoking pot, you would think it would be a breeze to find 5 songs about growing weed. However, there aren't many songs that highlight production over consumption. Here is a list of five songs about growing weed to get you started.

  1. "Legalize It" – Peter Tosh wrote this anthem to the weed in 1976. Perhaps more a song about consuming than a song about growing weed, it was named number one on the "High Times" list of Top 25 Pot Songs. Any tune with the lyric, "legalize it, and I will advertise it," is most definitely a song about growing weed.
  2. "One Draw" – An unheralded gem sung by Rita Marley and penned by her husband Bob Marley. In this 1981 song, Rita playfully adopts the role of a teacher, discussing marijuana with her students. Simply one of the best songs about growing weed, it was sampled in 1993 on Cypress Hill's "I Wanna Get High".
  3. "Ganja Babe" – From the brilliantly talented Michael Franti and Spearhead, this song has been featured in Showtime's television series "Weeds," and is on the show's soundtrack. An excellent song about growing weed, it includes a reference to hydroponics.
  4. "Homegrown" – This was the title song of an unreleased 1975 Neil Young album, although it later appeared on 1977's "American Stars 'n Bars" with Crazyhorse. A song about growing weed at home, it includes lyrics like, "Plant that bell, and let it ring."
  5. "Wildwood Weed" – An early 1960s hit by country legend Jim Stafford sometimes titled "The Wildwood Flower," this song harkens back to a different, almost more innocent era. Although only hinted, clearly the Wildwood weed (or flower) is marijuana. The ending line, "sittin' on that sack of seeds," decidedly locates it in the category of best songs about growing weed.
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