5 Sony A300 Tricks

Using these 5 Sony A300 tricks can help you get the most out of this impressive camera. With a camera as powerful as the A300, you don't want to just snap photos, but also make sure you're using all the resources and tools the camera provides. There's plenty to explore, but these 5 Sony A300 tricks will help you get on the right track.

  1. Use preset light settings to take care of white balancing. Performing a white balance for every new location can be a hassle. Luckily, this Sony A300 trick takes care of white balancing for you. Just press the function button, select white balance and pick the setting that best describes your location. The list includes daylight, cloudy, fluorescent and more.
  2. Use continuous shooting to capture subjects in action. The Sony A300 has the capability to capture up to three images per second, and this trick lets you take full advantage of that power. Just select the drive button (indicated with a clock and a stack of squares on the top of the camera) and change the setting to continuous. Now, whenever you go to shoot your subject, just hold the shutter button down to continuously take pictures.
  3. Use the self-timer to get yourself in the photo. Everyone wants a few photos of themselves, and this Sony A300 trick will help get you in the frame. To turn on the self-timer, press the drive button again, and select self-timer. At this point, you can choose the duration of the timer. A ten-second countdown usually works well for getting a photo prepared. Now, just hit the shutter button, set the camera down and run into the shot. Audio signals and flashes will indicate that the clock is ticking down.
  4. Zoom in to fixed intervals immediately. Zooming in can often be touchy and hard to get exactly right, but luckily this Sony A300 trick can fix that problem. By pressing the zoom button (indicated by a square with arrows pointing out from the corners) instead of the zoom dial, you can jump to preset intervals of zoom. Pressing the button once will take you to 1.4x the original size, and pressing it again will take you to 2x the original size.
  5. View your photos on a TV screen. You may not know it, but you can easily view the photos on your Sony A300 on any television screen. You will need a connecting cord, but once you've got it, this trick is simple. Just turn off the camera and TV and connect each end of the cord. Switch on the TV and select the correct input. Turn on the camera and hit the play button. Now use the arrows to navigate through your photos.
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