5 Sony VCR Repair Tips

VCR's break easily, but they are fortunately easy to fix with these five Sony VCR repair tips. Most VCR breaks involve dirt or foreign objects, and with a bit of elbow grease, can be fixed quickly with minimal technical experience.

  1. Foreign Objects – First, check that there are no foreign objects in your Sony VCR. Unplug the VCR, remove the screws on top of the machine, and carefully remove lid. Look for big and small items – even dust bunnies can have an impact. Buy a can of compressed air for electronics, and carefully clean the inside of the machine.
  2. CPU Lockup – Sometimes, the CPU will just lockup for no known reason. Pull the plug, and let the machine sit for about 10 minutes with no power.
  3. Dirty Heads – If you put a VCR tape in, and the picture is snowy but the sound is fine, then it's likely you have a dirty head in your VCR. Get yourself a head cleaning cassette (available at an electronics retailer), and play the tape to clean the heads.
  4. Belt and Pulley Issues – Often, a problem revolves around dirty belts or pulleys. First, take the belts off the machine. Then get a wet cotton swab and clean the pulleys by placing it in the pulley groove and spin until the pulley is clean. Now, it's time to clean the belts. You'll need a specialized rubber solvent (available at any electronics store) to clean it, as other fluids will ruin the rubber. Alternatively, you can buy a new set of belts for about the same price. When all is clean, reassemble.
  5. Roller Guides – You can tell there are issues with your roller guides if your picture has horizontal lines that won't leave when you adjust the tracking controls. Grab the roller guide with your finger and thumb, and if it moves, tighten the screws to fix this issue.
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