5 Speed Boating Tips

Every boating enthusiast should keep in mind these 5 speed boating tips. These are things that every new and old boater should know, and if you don’t well, keep reading, and if you do, then you’re about to waste your time. 

  1. Make sure you wear a lifejacket in a speed boat. This is to make sure that if you fall off the speed boat you won’t you know, die. Even if you can swim sometimes you can get caught up in those waves made by other boats or the under toe and get pulled down to a watery death. Make sure everyone on your speed boat is wearing one too because if they aren’t, then you could end up being in for one a lawsuits!
  2. Keep your speed boat maintained and clean. This involves all parts such as the deck and the seats etc of the speed boat. It also includes all of the performance parts such as the propeller and the outside of the speed boat. This’ll keep your speed boat running at maximum speed and efficiency on those dangerous days at the lake!
  3. Know how to drive your boat! This is a very important lesson that anyone can relate to. Think of that guy on the road who is flying, going to slow, or swerving all over the place.
  4. Stay in the designated areas. Keep in mind that even though it’d be so much fun to scare the little kids swimming by the beach, there is a reason that they tell you to stay the away from there!
  5. The single most important is know the law, more specifically B.U.I. Yes, you can get arrested for drinking in a speed boat, or any other boat for that matter! Just remember one thing, if the key ain’t in the ignition, even if you’re in the middle of the lake, you aren’t driving, and you can’t legally go to jail.
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