5 Speed Dating Questions To Ask

If you are about to enter the world of speed dating, here are 5 speed dating questions to ask the person across from you. 

The entire element of spontaneous interaction with a total stranger makes speed dating an intriguing experience. It may seem a bit odd or intimidating if you have never done it before, but it is an efficient way to meet a person you may want to date. Unlike online dating, you immediately have an opportunity to see if you are physically attracted to a person because they are sitting right in front of you. In order to have the best experience with speed dating, you definitely want to have a list of questions written down in advance. Each one of your questions should give you some insight into her personal life and what she values. Always remember that women are attracted to confident men, so remember to smile and enjoy the experience.

  1. What do you do for work? A standard question to ask in any atmosphere where you are meeting a person of the opposite sex. It is a great question because it allows you to see if the person is employed, and it provides a bit of insight into her personality. You may prefer to not date a woman whose job has her out of town 3 weeks a month or a person who has to work every weekend.
  2. What’s on your iPod? If a woman only listens to classical music and you only like hip-hop, then chances are your relationship will not last very long. For many of us music is an integral part of our lives so it is important to date a person who has similar taste in terms of music or at the minimum a person who is open to listening to most types of music.
  3. How important is sexual compatibility to you? This question reveals a lot about a person within a few seconds. Based off of their initial reaction to the question, you can ascertain if she is shy, reserved, or conservative. It’s normal for a question like this to make some women blush. On the other hand if a woman spends all of the time you have together answering this question, she may not be looking for anything too serious.
  4. Do you have a passport? A good question to ask if you enjoy traveling internationally. A lot of people are not comfortable being outside of their own comfort zone. If you have a touch of the wanderlust, then a woman lacking a passport may not be the right one for you.
  5. Six months to live, what would you do? You will know if she is the adventurous or active type if she says she would climb Mount Kilimanjaro or go bungee jumping. Typically, this question will allow you to see if a woman has close ties to her family without you even asking her about her family. Some people might answer this question saying that they would spend time with their family, on an exotic vacation, doing charitable work, etc.
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