5 Standing Sex Positions

If you want to energize your sex life, you can't go wrong with these 5 standing sex positions. Sex lying down can make both parties feel tired and is, admittedly, a bit on the lazy side. Get you and your partner moving with the following standing sex positions.

  1. Standing Rear Entry. Stand behind her, pulling her close to you while entering her from behind. This position frees up your hands to explore her body and stimulate her manually, making it one of the simplest standing sex positions for beginners.
  2. The Contortionist. This position will only work if your partner is particularly flexible. Have her touch her toes and simply hold her by the waist while thrusting in from behind. Despite the relative ease of entry in this position, the fact that your partner needs to maintain such a position through the entirety of your lovemaking session makes this one of the more advanced standing sex positions.
  3. The Carry. This is a standing sex position that requires a great amount of strength on the guy's part. Hold her by her butt and lift her up so that she can wrap her arms around your neck. Thrust into her while keeping her held up to have a great time while working out your arms.
  4. The Stand. Stand and face your partner while she has her back to a wall. Have her raise one leg and wrap it around you to give you some ease of access—thrust into her, pushing against the wall for support. A standing sex position that is as simple as its name.
  5. Steamy Shower. This should be attempted while both of you are taking a shower, so be extra careful not to slip and fall. Have your partner lean against the wall while facing you. Lift her up, carefully pushing her against the wall while she wraps her legs around you for added support. Keep your legs shoulder width apart to maintain your balance while you thrust into her.

In order to make the most of your physical prowess, you and your partner should try these standing sex positions. Be sure to be awake when attempting these, as they aren't for the tired or physically weak. If both of you have the strength for it, these standing sex positions are just what your love life needs.

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