5 Steve Nash Jump Shot Tips

Five Steve Nash jump shot tips can make you a better basketball player in no time. Steve Nash is an NBA player who has been a professional basketball player for 14 years. Over that time, he has acquired and perfected many skills, such as hitting a jump shot. A jump shot is basically releasing the basketball as you jump through the air and making it in the basket, of course. If you want to hit a jump shot like Steve Nash, follow these tips.

  1. Move your left foot forward. As you jump off the ground to make your jump shot, start with your left foot. Keep your right foot back, and you’re more likely to land your jump shot like Steve Nash.
  2. Hold the ball at the center with your shooting hand. Your fingertips should be on the ball in the center when you jump and as you release it. To shoot a jump shot like Steve Nash, you should never squeeze the ball. This makes for an easier and more accurate release.
  3. Touch the ball at the side with your guiding hand. The hand that’s not making the Steve Nash jump shot should be touching the basketball on the side lightly. Again, never grip the ball. The point is to guide it so that it makes it into the basket.
  4. Keep your elbow in. The elbow that you’re using to throw the ball and make the jump shot should be kept in as your throw. Keep it natural. Stiff elbows or a protruded shooting elbow can cause you to miss your jump shot and fail to shoot like Steve Nash.
  5. Use a bigger ball. When practicing your Steve Nash jump shot, use a slighter larger basketball than regulation size. That way, when you’re playing a real game, the Steve Nash jump shot tips will be easier to implement, which can improve your jump shot accuracy.
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