5 Strange Places To Have Sex

The 5 strange places to have sex are all those places where you can envision yourself having sex, but you just don't really want to if you had a say in the matter. They are places, suffice it to say, that would not be your first place to have sex, yet the fact that they are so strange just may make it worthwhile after all.

  1. Mosque. The mosque takes the first spot on this list of the five best strange places to have sex because there is such a taboo about anything mosque-related these days, due to political correctness and all. With non-Muslims already not being allowed to even gain entry into any mosque, having sex inside of a mosque will be all the stranger to say the least.
  2. Chuck E. Cheese's. The second-best strange place to have sex is at your local Chuck E. Cheese's for obvious reasons. Never mind the presence of all the youngsters milling about there, but having sex inside of a Chuck E. Cheese's will be strange enough just because of all the noise from all the kids distracting you. Wait, said noise will actually work to disguise the orgasmic sounds of getting off that you and your partner will surely be producing. As a bonus, after your intercourse, you can stay and have some of their awesome pizza!
  3. The Outdoors. The Outdoors take the spot as the third-best strange place to have sex because having sex outdoors can create a whole lot of problems for you and your gal pal. For instance, what happens if a wild animal comes along and eats you both? Not to mention, you will have to deal with all that dirt in the form of twigs and grass and mud that can get into your hair and all. Ewwww.
  4. In Line at the Movies. In line at the Movies takes the fourth spot on this list of the best strange places to have sex because it's so public and also because the line may be moving while you are trying to get laid. Just imagine the inconvenience of thrusting your pelvis into your lover as you try to keep your place in line!! Imagine having to pull out every couple of minutes to move along with the line and keep it moving! This is strange and also too inconvenient.
  5. Abercrombie & Fitch. Abercrombie & Fitch takes the place as the final best strange place to have sex, if only because everyone who works there and shops there thinks they really are ultra-hip! Imagine their shock when you stun them all by having sex right inside the store–showing them that, in fact, you and your woman are the ultra-hipsters…for having sex in plain view of all the customers.
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