5 Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis

Every active man should know 5 stretches for plantar fasciitis. If you have been experiencing heel pain, especially at night or first thing in the morning, there is a good chance that you have developed plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a band of tendons that runs on the underside of your foot, from just below the toes all the way to the heel. When you are young, the plantar fascia acts like a rubber band and stretches easily with activity.  As a man gets older, the tendons aren't as elastic. As a result, the plantar fascia can get inflamed, bruised and may even tear with activity or normal wear and tear. Although it is a painful and aggravating condition, these 5 stretches for plantar fasciitis can speed up the healing process.

  1. Towel stretch. The towel stretch is one of the 5 stretches for plantar fasciitis. Grab a bath towel and sit on the floor with your feet straight out. Place the towel around the injured foot by looping it around the foot. Hold the towel with both hands and gently tug on the towel. You should feel a slight stretch in your plantar fascia.
  2. Calf and Achilles' heel stretch. There is no equipment needed for this plantar fasciitis stretch. Simply stand next to a wall and place your hands on the wall at chest level. Place the injured foot back further than the non-injured foot. Lean toward the wall until you feel a gentle stretch.
  3. Golf ball roll. This is a great way to loosen up the tendons in your foot. What is great about this plantar fasciitis stretch is that you can do it while you are working at your desk or sitting and watching television. The technique is simple: roll the golf ball along the bottom of your foot. You can do this roll several times during the day. Some men prefer to use a tennis ball instead of a golf ball.
  4. Can-of-peas roll. This is another one of the 5 stretches for plantar fasciitis. It is very similar to the golf ball roll, except you use a can of peas. Okay, the vegetable choice doesn't matter; if you don't like veggies, a can of soda will do. You can even use a can of beer, but you may not want to drink the beer after rubbing it on a stinky foot. In any event, it's another easy one to do while watching television or using the computer.
  5. Stair stretch. Whether inside or outside, stand on the balls of your feet on a step. Slowly lower the injured heel below the plane of the step. Hold on, because you may lose your balance. You should feel a slight tug, which will stretch the arch of your foot.

Most of these 5 stretches for plantar fasciitis can be done about six to eight times a day. Try to hold the stretch for about 10 to 15 seconds each time and repeat several times per session.


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