5 Strip Drinking Games For 2 Players

These 5 strip drinking games for two players are taken from the library of fun drinking games. You can fit stripping into any game or sport for that matter. Stripping is a universal good time and tying it to games is as old as stripping itself. These drinking games are perfect for stripping, just remember to come with as little clothing as possible. You don’t want to be to drunk at the end and miss out on a great time.

  1. [insert your favorite drink] Pong You will need a table, twelve cups and preferably a ping pong ball. Place six cups at both ends of the table. The goal is to bounce or toss the ping pong ball into your opponent’s cup. If you succeed, your opponent must drink the contents of the cup. For the stripping game, one article of clothing must be removed. Ideally, you will have six articles of clothing to match each cup.
  2. Caps (modified) Using an open beer bottle, place a quarter over the mouth of the bottle. Your partner does the same. Flick the quarter off your beer bottle towards your opponent. The object is to knock her quarter off her beer bottle. Each time this occurs, she must remove an article of clothing and drink two fingers worth of beer. Add more bottles as needed.
  3. Whiskey Football Create the standard sized paper football (you remember that small triangular football made of paper). Place two shot glasses about four inches apart at both ends of a table. Play the game as you normally would, scoring a touchdown each time the football hangs off the edge of the table between the shot glasses. Each score entails the downing of one shot and the removal of an article of clothing.
  4. Eurovision (Armericanized) Start with your favorite drink. Set up finger shots of the drink and place them on a table. Decide beforehand your favorite movie, one you both know well. The movie needs to be on DVD or VHS so you can stop play during the movie. The goal is to take turns stopping the movie and having your opponent guess the next word, line or what will happen next. With each failure, the loser takes a drink and loses clothing.
  5. 1-2-3 (modified) This game is normally played at a bar, but for stripping purposes, we will play at home. You will require a die, a table and a drink(s). Each player rolls the die; the first to roll a six tells the other to take a drink (amount is set beforehand) and remove an article of clothing. You can liven this quick game up after one player is naked to perform a truth or dare on the one still clothed.
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