5 Strip Drinking Games

The 5 strip drinking games that you should play obviously require male and female involvement. In order to make everyone comfortable you should probably create a rule that says there is no touching unless invited. Once you get through the five strip drinking games, everyone should be very drunk and very naked.

  1. Strip Dice. You will need a single six-sided die and a flat surface for this game and at least six people. Seat everyone in a circle alternating male and female. Every person starts out with a full glass of beer and one person gets designated to roll the die for the first time. It does not matter who goes first as the die just gets passed to the left after each turn. Prior to each roll of the die, each person takes a drink. If you roll an even number then you get to tell the person to your right to remove one piece of clothing. An odd number means you tell the person to your left. If you roll a six, then you can choose to not have the person to your right remove clothing but, instead, you skip the next person's turn. This saves you from possibly having to remove clothing. After seven or eight rolls, with a drink before each roll, the clothing starts coming off pretty easy.
  2. Strip and Sip. Place at least six people in a circle and then give someone in the circle a coin. The person flips the coin and calls it while it is in the air. Heads means he give the coin to the person to his left, and tails means he gives the coin off to his right. Before handing off the coin the person must either take a drink or remove a piece of clothing. Then he can hand off the coin. The catch is that he cannot make the same decision twice in a row. If he chooses to sip, then on his next flip, he must strip.
  3. Strip Cards. Get a deck of cards and as many willing people with drinks in their hands around a table as you can. There is one dealer, and that dealer chooses someone to deal one card to. A number card means to take a drink and remove a piece of clothing. A face card means that the person gets to select someone else to remove a piece of clothing (it can be the dealer as well) and they both drink. An Ace means that the person must slam a whole beer. The dealer must move to a new person after each card is dealt.
  4. Strip Checkers. This is a cozy two-person strip drinking game. You will need a checker board and shot glasses to replace the checkers. It helps if you get two sets of shot glasses that are different colors to keep things organized, especially as the game progresses. Each time you jump over the other person's piece, they must drink the shot and remove a piece of clothing. Don't forget to refill the shot glasses as well.
  5. Strip Quarters. Have a group of people sit at table each with an empty drinking glass on the table in front of them, a quarter and a drink in their hand. Choose a person to start and that person can pick anyone at the table to bounce their coin at. If the coin bounces in, then the glass holder has to drink and take off a piece of clothing. If the quarter misses, then the bouncer has to drink and take off a piece of clothing. The order of who bounces can be determined any way you want.
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