5 Striper Fishing Tips

Use these 5 striper fishing tips to catch your first striped bass, for an experience you won't soon forget. Catching stripers can be tough, even for the most experienced anglers. These beasts can grow to over 75 pounds, and fight like no other fish, but can be prone to the periodic case of lockjaw.  On those days when they just don't want to bite, these five striper fishing tips just might help you loosen those jaws:

  1. Fish At Night- Fish at night! That's right, it bears saying twice. You may catch some daytime striped bass in the spring or fall, especially on dark or overcast days, but in the summer, stripers rule the night. This is probably the single most important striper fishing tip you'll get.
  2. Fish The Surf- Stripers aren't afraid of rough conditions. They even patrol the surf during storms that send the most experienced anglers running for cover.
  3. Ride Out The Storm- Stripers often shut down when the barometric pressure is high. With the rainy season comes lower barometric pressure. Rainy, windy days keep most anglers in the house, but these conditions often excite big striped bass into a feeding frenzy.
  4. Deep Water- Stripers won't necessarily be in the deep water, but they are often somewhere near it. They may be feeding in water shallow enough for their backs to be above the water line, but keeping close to a drop-off leaves a convenient escape route.
  5. River And Stream Mouths- Here's a sure fire fishing tip for river stripers. River mouths can be especially productive while the tide is going out and there's some good surf and rocks around.
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