5 Strongest BMX Bikes

The 5 strongest BMX bikes are versatile, dual-purpose bikes you have the pleasure of both riding casually or for sport. If you have a passion for dirt cycling and motocross cycling, it may be high time for you to finally go and get yourself one of these BMX bikes.

  1. Diamondback Venom BMX Bike. If you have basic skill levels and are an average-sized male, this Diamondback model should do the trick for you. Sitting at number one because of its chromoly DT frame and its DB sound alloy pedals, Diamondback's Venom will be the envy of everyone no matter where you race it, be at the park or in the streets.
  2. Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike. Mongoose's Spin BMX Freestyle Bike comes with a whole series of goodies like its knee-saver handlebar, its definite-stop rear and front U-brakes and its large jumping saddle with U-brakes. It takes the number two spot because of the versatility it affords it riders: If you feel like trick riding, dirt jumping or just off road cycling, it can handle it all.
  3. Eastern 2010 Ramrodder BMX Bike. This bike takes the number three spot because it may be a bit difficult for riders who have not had the time to develop the proper skill level to handle it! If you want to start learning to trick-ride and perform various tricks, this bike's thin skull grips, steel, four-inch long Byrd pegs and its carbon fiber reinforced plastic pedals will get you going to a great start at your local skate park.
  4. Kink BMX 2011 Twenty-Inch Brakeless Liberty Bike. As far as BMX bikes go, Kink's Liberty Bike is for serious BMX riders only! It belongs at number four on account of its nearly eight-inch long midtown bars and three-piece chromoly cranks, both of which make your BMX riding experience a true, hardcore time on your bike.
  5. Huffy Freestyle Brazen Bike. This Huffy BMX bike comes in at last place because it is very simple compared to the others and its price reflects that. Buy this BMX bike if you have one purpose in mind, the purpose of performing flatland ramp tricks. If grip is a big concern for you, worry no longer as this bike comes with freestyle tread tires for better grip.
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