5 Studio Apartment Layout Ideas

Here are 5 studio apartment layout ideas. Studio apartments are, be definition, tiny. So the way you lay them out defines how comfortable you will be and how much space you will have. You don’t have to give up having guests and parties just because you live in a tiny apartment, lay it out well and you will still have room.

  1. Clear Pathways Make sure you can walk around your studio apartment without tripping over something. Since studio apartments are so small, it’s important to make sure you can move freely. Also, having to constantly dodge furniture or bumping into it can cause stress, not to mention leave a lot of bruises. Not something you, or any guest you have wants to deal with.
  2. Curtain Walls Since studios are so small they rarely have walls to separate more then just the bathroom. You can use curtains as walls, or a Japanese screen to separate your bed from your living area. It’s fashionable, simple, and easy and you can change it out when ever you feel like you need a new color or such.
  3. Hidden Bed You don't have to hide the bed. Use it to pull the entire apartment together by making it the focal point. Set it up as far from the door as possible but in plain view. Frame it with curtains and put the couch directly at the end of the bed. If all you do is sleep at your apartment you don't need to worry about a lot of frills.
  4. Sleeper Instead of an actual bed get a sleeper chair or couch that folds out into a bed. Not only does it save space but it allows you entertain more and even have an office in your studio if you work from home. Or if you don't want to bother with a sleeper, get a really comfortable couch.
  5. Store If you have too much stuff but you absolutely can’t get rid of it, put it in storage. Most people don’t plan on spending their entire lives in studio apartments, so putting stuff in storage is a good option. You can also find neat storage sets, draws, shelves, etc., at most furniture stores that will help you save space.
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