5 Stupid Christmas Songs

Are you searching for a list of 5 stupid Christmas songs? You've come to right place. It's about that time of the year to be holly and jolly and hear the most annoying, yet catchy, Christmas songs all over the radio and in every department store while you shop. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, so why does the radio have to go and spoil it with stupid Christmas songs?

  1. "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" This song has be done, re-done and done over so many times it's not even funny. At the first of the season this song is goofy and fun–until you hear it hundreds of times. The constant repetition of the lyrics make you want to strangle the nearest person singing along to it. This song definitely makes the list of five stupid Christmas songs.
  2. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" This song is especially creepy during the Christmas season. It doesn't matter if it's a young Michael or The Cheetah Girls singing this song, it always sounds like these kids are up to no good. If you saw mommy kissing Santa Claus (and it was not your father), wouldn't you be a little upset? Surely, someone would. This song isn't about Christmas at all; it's more like a creepy song about a kid is snooping around and saw something he did not, in fact, want to see.
  3. "Last Christmas" Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating joy, happiness, family and religion. "Last Christmas" is about none of those things. This song seems to be obnoxious as well as whiny. Getting your heart broken on Christmas is the last thing shoppers want to hear while gearing up for the big day. Not to mention that fact that the song itself, instrumental wise, sounds nothing like bells ringing of joy. It's more of a pop/rocky vibe with a bubble gum undertone.
  4. "Santa Baby" Well, this song sounds naughty. Period. While it's a fun karaoke song to sing with a few drinks knocked back, it's not really Christmas-ish at all. In fact, it's a little smutty for a Christmas song.
  5. "Wonderful Christmastime" Paul McCartney is an amazing song writer and performer, but why must anyone sing this song? There are so many things that are annoying about this song, so you can't just start with one. The complete repetition of the lyrics is mind-numbing, as well as the bells that jingle throughout every single lyric. The Beatles were amazing, Paul is amazing, but this song needs to be taken off the list as a Christmas favorite.  It's the topper on the five stupid Christmas songs list.
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