5 Style Tips For Straight Boyish Figures

Five style tips for straight boyish figures does not include padded shoulders or bulky sweaters. These are ploys easily seen through that seem a bit desperate. The best advice for people of any size and shape is to accentuate the positive with a big dose of attitude. With that said, there are ways to make your straight boyish figure look more substantial without hitting the gym 6 days a week.

  1. Wear layers. Layers are your number one fashion weapon. This works for your style of choice.  Pair a plain white T with a sweater vest. Layer a button down over a T-shirt and then add a jacket or sweater. The key with layers is to do it gradually and only wear pieces that fit well. Layers of oversized clothing will do nothing for your frame.
  2. Choose heavy fabrics. Cords, cable knit, thick jersey anything that naturally has it's own volume. Heavy wool or corduroy sport coats create a good amount of bulk.  Look for double breasted jackets bulk up your top half and make you look like a real man.
  3. Adding bulk to your lower half with cargo pants or wide corduroy pants is appropriate, if it is your style. If not, then just choose pants that fit well. Be sure the length is right and stay away from pleats. Boot cut jeans or straight cut jeans with cuffs add just enough balance to your straight boyish figure.
  4. Tailor your clothes. It is not difficult or terribly expensive to have your blazers and dress shirts tailored. This option gives your clothes a designer feel. Losing the excess bulk of fabric under your arms or in the shoulders will not make you look more stylish.
  5. Unless you want to look like a very young boy, stay away from skinny jeans and tight, spandex enhanced tops. Fitted is one thing, tight is another issue entirely. Clothes that cling to your thin frame and accentuate your bones might be stylish if you live in Williamsburg or Silver Lake, but if you don't, get pants that fit.
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